13 candidates in Baguio involved in drugs

The Baguio City Police office (BCPO) reported that thirteen aspirants for elected positions in the upcoming May 14, 2018 barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) elections are allegedly involved in illegal drugs based on the verifications done by combined police operatives and intelligence agents.

In a report to Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan, the BCPO claimed that 8 of the said candidates have been classified as drug users while 5 of them have been considered as drug users.

However, 2 did not file their certificates of candidacy (COC), 1 is on his last term and will no longer run in the upcoming election, 1 is currently detained while 1 already died.

Further, 1 of the said barangay officials reportedly went abroad since May 2016 and never came back to serve his constituents.

Based on the BCPO report, 12 barangay officials reportedly surrendered to the police after President Rodrigo R. Duterte ordered an aggressive implementation of the government’s anti-drug campaign when he assumed the presidency two years ago while 1 of them was arrested during a buy-bust operation and now detained in the Baguio City jail male dorm.

Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan expressed his gratitude to the BCPO for submitting an updated report relative to the involvement of the city’s barangay officials to illegal drugs for the proper action of concerned agencies.

He urged the city’s electorate to first scrutinize the private and public lives of those aspiring for elected positions in the barangay to analyse whether or not those seeking to be elected deserve to be given a chance to render public service before casting their votes on election day.

“We appeal to the candidates and their supporters not to be involved in unnecessary mudslinging and the spread of false information against their rivals because this will surely create a long standing conflict that will transcend beyond the elections. It is best for our candidates to focus their campaign on the issues affecting their constituents to avoid the creation of rifts that will result to misunderstanding among them in the future', Domogan stressed.

He claimed that as a participant in the past ten elections, he was able to experience below-the-belt criticisms hurled against him by his opponents and their supporters just to ensure that he will be discredited in the eyes of the city’s electorate but he is grateful to the people of the city that they do not buy the idea of mudslinging and the spread of false reports as it is the integrity and credibility coupled with the performance of the candidates that matter to the voters.

He called on the city’s electorate to go out and vote on election day so that their votes will be counted for the barangay officials that deserve to be in their positions of serving the interest of the people of the city and help the country’s undisputed Summer Capital to continue moving on to greater heights once the new set of barangay officials shall have been sworn into office.  Dexter A. See