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Birth related issues / Having a Baby 

The birth of a child shall be registered in the Office of the Local Civil Registrar of the place where it occurred within 30 days from the time of birth. If the birth occurred in transit within the Philippine territory, the registration shall be made in the Office of the Local Civil Registrar of the place of destination, or at the place of residence of the mother, if she is a resident of the Philippines. 

Birth Registration

It may occur in a hospital, clinic, at home or in a vehicle on a trip. The hospital/clinic administrator is responsible for the registration of births occurring in the hospital or clinic while physicians, nurses, midwives and hilots are responsible for births they have attended outside hospitals and clinics. For unattended births, the parent(s) or any knowledgeable person has the responsibility to have these births registered.

Reports of birth shall be made in Mun. Form No. 102, or the Certificate of Live Birth. The Affidavit of Acknowledgement at the back of the form shall be executed by the parents or by the mother alone (if the father refuses) only if the child is born out of lawful wedlock. In the latter case, the child shall bear the family name of the mother and the certificate shall contain no information leading to the identity of the father.

Legitimated Children

Only children conceived and born outside of wedlock of parents who, at the time of conception of the former, were not disqualified by any impediment to marry each other may be legitimated.

Legitimation shall take place by a subsequent valid marriage between parents. The annulment of a voidable marriage shall not affect the legitimation.

Legitimated children shall enjoy the same rights as legitimate children.

The effects of legitimation shall retroact to the time of the child's birth.

The legitimation of children who died before the celebration of the marriage shall benefit their descendants.

Supplemental Report

A supplemental report of birth may be filed even after the birth certificate has been registered to supply the necessary information that have previously been omitted. The supplemental report shall be made by filling out the missing information in MF No. 102 and by attaching an affidavit stating the information to be supplied. The supplemental information shall be added to the original entries in the birth register.


An exposed or abandoned child shall be registered as a foundling and the Certificate of Foundling shall be duly accomplished stating the facts and circumstances surrounding the finding of the child and sworn to before the LCR by the person registering the child. 

A birth record is a source of vital information and provides legal proof of the identity of an individual. By means of his birth certificate, he can prove the facts of his birth as regards his parentage, which allows him to trace his ancestry, establish his identity and claim dependency. The date of birth shown in his birth certificate establishes his age and his rights to privileges accruing by virtue of meeting the required age qualifications such as the privilege to enter school, to vote, to enter the civil service, to contract marriage, to qualify for professional licenses, to drive motor vehicles, to carry firearms, to claim pension benefits and so on. Place of birth, on the other hand, establishes one's citizenship for obtaining passport, provide basis for immigration and naturalization claims, allows one to obtain exemptions from alien restrictions or, if an alien, allows him to obtain exemptions from tax or military service in the country. 
No petition for change of first name shall be accepted unless the petitioner submits the following required supporting papers.
  1. All documents, which are required to be submitted by the petitioner for the correction of clerical error, shall be submitted also by the petitioner for change of first name.
  2. Clearance from authorities Those with criminal record or those with pending administrative civil or criminal case are prohibited from changing their first name.

    Therefore, a petitioner fro change of first name shall be required to submit clearances from the following authorities:

    1. Employer, if employed, if not, affidavit of non-employment
    2. National Bureau of Investigation
    3. Philippine National Police
    4. Other such clearances as may be required by the concerned C/MCR.

    In a case where the petition is filed on behalf of another person, the clearances to be submitted shall not be for the petitioner but for the person being represented by the petitioner. If the person represented is a minor aged less than 15, such clearances shall be complied with only if required by the C/MCR.

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