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traffic scheme for LT puj’s amended

BAGUIO CITY – The city government revised anew the traffic scheme for La Trinidad public utility jeepneys in its continued bid to ease the traffic flow in the area.
Mayor Reinaldo Bautista issued Administrative Order No. 50 series of 2010 implementing starting May 6 (Thursday) a three-lane traffic flow for La Trinidad PUJs going up to Magsaysay Avenue en route the central business district (CBD) and on-lane going down Magsaysay Avenue at approximately 50 meters from the existing center island near Tabora Park.
The mayor’s order amended Administrative Order No. 17 which implemented a double coding scheme or a combination of number coding and odd-even schemes for the said trunkline.
In his order, the mayor noted that even though the double coding system substantially improved the traffic flow along Magsaysay Avenue and Bokawkan Road, city police traffic management branch chief Supt. Engelbert Soriano recommended the new strategy to eliminate slowing of vehicular traffic flow at the junction of Magsaysay Avenue and Padre Burgos St.
The traffic scheme’s details are as follows:
*One lane from Tabora Park side going down Magsaysay Avenue (approximately 50 meters from the existing center island neat Tabora Park) will be utilized exclusively by La Trinidad PUJs in going towards Tabora Park to give the two lanes the opposite side for vehicles going to the CBD;
*To reduce the line-up of La Trinidad PUJs along Magsaysay Avenue going to Tabora Park, they may be allowed to go beyond Tabora Park via Bonifacio St.-New Lucban St.-T. Alonzo St.-Magsaysay Avenue during designated days as follows on an “express system” where vehicles ending in 2 and 4 will be allowed during Mondays; 1 and 3 during Tuesdays; 6 and 8 during Wednesdays; 5 and 7 during Thursdays; 9 during Fridays and 0 during Saturdays.
As per the order, the loading areas for Tublay, Dreamland-Pinget jeepney trunklines located along P. Burgos St. will be relocated further away from the Magsaysay Junction at approximately five meters from said junction to achieve smoother right turning movements of vehicles from Magsaysay towards P. Burgos.
The mayor also directed the city engineer’s office (CEO) or the city environment and parks management office to repair the overflowing sewer manhole at the Magsaysay Avenue-P. Burgos junction for the CEO to install asphalt overlay along the junction to eliminate numerous potholes that contribute to the traffic problem in the area. - A Refuerzo

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