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Bright prospects for Baguio’s development in 2020

17 anuary 2020 – A Baguio-based feng shui master disclosed that there are bright prospects for the proposed implementation of big-ticket projects by the local government this year because it is the start of another cycle of the Chinese Lunar calendar wherein change will likely be realized and achieved.

Traffic is good says feng shui expert

17 January 2020 – An international feng shui master underscored that the occurrence of traffic in Baguio City is considered to be good for the local economy because it would mean the presence of robust businesses that will spur economic growth.

Adriel Trinidad, one of the two Filipino feng shui masters accredited by the International Fung Suey Association, said that the occurrence of traffic means the presence of good energy triggered by the presence of robust businesses that help spur the city’s economy.

City, Urdaneta landfill agreement confirmed

17 January 2020 – The City Council confirmed the memorandum of agreement entered between the city government and Urdaneta Waste Management on the use of the latter’s engineered sanitary landfill in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan for the disposal of the city’s residual waste.

BWD willing to operate septage treatment plant

17 January 2020  – The Baguio Water District (BWD) announced its willingness to manage and operate the city’s septage management plant once the same will be established.

BWD general manager Engr. Salvador M. Royeca, who appeared before the regular session of the city legislative body last Monday to share his insights on a proposed ordinance establishing the city’s septage management system, underscored the water district has the technical capability to manage and operate the said system once the same will be constructed.

Chinese consulate earmarks P1.8 M for Botanical Garden viewdeck

The Laoag-based Consulate of China earmarked some P1.8 million for the completion of the Pagoda or viewdeck in the Botanical Garden as part of the contribution of the city’s Filipino-Chinese community to the attractions within the Botanical Garden.

Peter Ng, chairman of the Executive Committee of the 2020 Spring Festival celebration in the city, said the aforesaid amount was already downloaded to the city government and the project will be subject to the usual government bidding procedures prior for its implementation.

Sectors urged to share insights on closure of Session road

The city legislative body urged concerned sectors of the city to report on their findings, observations and recommendations on the request of the city chief executive to extend the closure of the ascending portion of Session Road to continue to experiment on the pedestrianization of a portion of the city’s main thoroughfare.

Baguio embarks on digital transformation

17 January 2020 – The city government announced it will embark on an aggressive digital transformation that will eventually allow all information, services and transactions to be available in the gadgets thereby allowing people to effectively and efficiently do business with the city anytime and anywhere.

Pacdal covered court to be part of Gibraltar satellite market

17 January 2020 – The City Council approved a resolution requesting the city government to include the existing Pacdal covered court in the proposed modernization of the Gibraltar satellite market to help provide residents in the barangays of District I and II an alternative place to do their market activities, among other purposes.

Public safety education in schools proposed

17 January 2020 – The City Council approved on first reading a proposed ordinance promoting public safety education and awareness among elementary, junior high school, senior high school, vocational and college students in the city to develop safety and security awareness among the citizenry and for other purposes.

Regulation of computer shops in city enhanced

17 January 2020 – The City Council approved on first reading a proposed ordinance regulating the operation of computer shops and internet cafes in the city and providing penalties for violations and for other purposes.