BAC Publications - Infrastructure (Notice of Awards)

Titlesort ascending Post date Uploaded files
9940-18-63C Rehabilitation of Eroded Riprap of Proposed Road in front of Ben Baniwas and Geraldine Talangkaw Residence at Purok 3 c/o CEO (LCRB) at Dontogan April 23, 2019
9940-18-63B Repair and Rehabilitation of River Bank Protection Along Camp 8 Creek Towards Bued River near Busacay's Residence c/o CEO (LCRB) April 23, 2019
9940-18-63A Repair and Rehabilitation of Slope Protection at Entrance of Atok Trial c/o CEO (LCRB) April 23, 2019
9940-18-63 Repair and Restoration of Collapsed Roadside Retaining Wall, Purok IV-B Near Caoili's Residence c/o CEO (LCRB) at Lucnab April 24, 2019
9940-18-60 Repair and rehabilitation of the canal system c/o CEO (SCRB) at Middle Rock Quarry October 24, 2018
9940-18-6/8918-17-069/8918-17-060 A.Construction of Drainage Canal from Langit's Res. to Lorenzo's Res. at Purok 2 c/o CEO, B.Const. of Canal from Palangyao to Labchoy Res. c/o CEO, C. Const of Pathway with railings...a & b. Camp 8, c. BGH Compound February 7, 2022
9940-18-5: Construction of Canal at Purok 2 Near Refuerzo Residence c/o CEO (SCRB) at Bakakeng Norte/Sur August 10, 2018
9940-18-58 Rehabilitation of Canal Along Purok 5 New Pasuquen's Residence c/o CEO (SCRB) at Honeymoon Holyghost April 23, 2019
9940-18-53 Continuation of the restoration of riprap at Irisan National High School at Purok 3 c/o CEO (SCRB) at Irisan October 24, 2018
9940-18-3 Slope Protection and Aidening of Road at Purok 1 c/o CEO (SCRB) at Balsigan April 24, 2019