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For non-residents who wish to come and visit Baguio for leisure purposes, please register to our Visitor Information and Travel Assistance (VISITA)

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Covid-19 Monitoring

City of Baguio real-time monitoring of Covid-19 Cases.

Covid-19 Hotlines

Telephone:(074) 442-1900, (074) 442-1905, (074) 661-1455

Cellular: Globe(0927) 628-0498, Smart(0999) 678-4335
Baguio City Public Information Office

Baguio In My Pocket

Baguio in my pocket is a collection of applications that aims to promote an e-government ecosystem of hands-free transactions, citizen data management, contact tracing and other essential services for the people of Baguio City.

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Baguio City Health Services Office

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City Budget Office


  1. Primarily responsible for the initiation, integration and submission of the executive budget both annual and supplemental;
  2. Prepares and issues instructions on budgetary and appropriation matters for the signature of the Mayor;
  3. Provides technical assistance to the Sangguniang Panlungsod in the authorization process of the budget (annual and supplemental) that complies with statutory and administrative requirements;
  4. Study, evaluate and recommend appropriate measures on proposed legislations that has budgetary implications;
  5. Certifies on the availability of appropriations as requisite for disbursement of funds;
  6. Coordinates primarily with the Planning and Development Office and other local departments in the synchronized formulation of the City’s Development Plan;
  7. Conducts monitoring, evaluation and analysis of physical vis-a-vis financial performances of all programs, projects and activities as basis for plan review;
  8. Preliminary technical assessment of barangay annual and supplemental budgets as requisite to Sangguniang Panlungsod review;
  9. Submits periodic budgetary reports to the DBM;
  10. Formulate the City’s Information Systems Strategic Plan (ISSP);
  11. Manages the City Government’s information technology system to include technology policies, guidelines and procedures;
  12. Review and recommend IT based systems to enhance e-governance;
  13. Perform its role in the Local Finance Committee as provided in Section 316 of the Local Government Code of 1991;
  14. Monitor various city and barangay infrastructure projects to determine actual implementation and recommend mitigations for emerging problems and policy performs; and,
  15. Perform functions that may be assigned from time to time by competent authority.



       Evolvement of Budgeting System responsive to the development goals of the city government with the optimum utilization of fiscal resources.


       Operationalize the Local Development Plans through the budget, synchronizing priority programs, projects and activities with resources.


  1. Synchronized annual plan and budget;
  2. Ensured fiscal sustainability, effective resource allocation and efficient government operation across development programs, projects and activities;
  3. Implementation of a reliable and transparent annual budget;
  4. Effective dispensation of the oversight function on the review of barangay budgets ; and,
  5. Maintained a sound management information system.

Organizational Outcomes

  1. Synchronized plan and budget;
  2. Fiscal sustainability, effective resource allocation and efficient government operation across development programs, projects and activities;
  3. Implemented a reliable and transparent annual budget;
  4. Ensured compliance of barangays with budgeting rules and regulations;
  5. Complied with the requirements of e-governance



(1) Budgeting Services

Pertains to the critical mandate of the Budget Office in line with the budget process which covers budget preparation, budget authorization, budget review, budget execution and budget accountability. It also includes harmonization local plans with national development goals which is essential in achieving efficient and effective allocation of resources. The Budgeting Services is carried out by the Budget Operations Technical Division.

(2) Information Systems and Technology Services.

The successful implementation of IT requires collaborative support across the different levels of the Organization Hierarchy, Technological Advances, Technical Expertise and Public-Private Partnership and Participation. IT operations have been continuously evolving in the development for effective processing of IT services, needs and requirements of the CGOB. This reflects the direction to provide continuous support services on IT in general from Infrastructure operations of Network, Server, Datacenter, Voice, Desktop and Printer to content or Information Management. Information Systems are also being catered for technical assistance on Computing Resource Management along with the Timekeeping management and administration as one of the major services provided. This function is taken care of by the Management Information and Technology Division.

(3) General Administration and Support Services (GASS)

GASS are activities that deals with the provision of overall administrative management support to the entire office operation.  It included activities such as general management and supervision, liaison services, human resource development, and financial, supply and records administrative services.  Funds provided for GASS are management overhead expenses and are therefore indirect costs in delivering the department MFOs. The GASS is provided by the Administrative Division.