10 August 2022 – Local legislators authorized the local chief executive to negotiate and enter into an agreement with the Globe Telecom and any other equally qualified online payment service provider for the adoption of additional or alternative mode of payment of taxes, fees and charges due to the local government subject to confirmation by the city council.

Under Resolution No. 301, series of 2022, members of the local legislative body pointed out that taking into consideration the urgent need to adopt online payments as a convenient and practical alternative in the payment of taxes, fees and charges to the local government, support will have to be provided to the said initiative.

The council claimed that the confirmation of any agreement shall be based on shown advantages or justifications for the adoption of the service provider over others as may be presented in a comparative evaluation made for the said purpose.

The body admitted that online payment is one of  the schemes to realize the speeding up of government processes and Smart City programs which are among the core agenda of the present administration to be pursued aggressively to be available for the public by the end of the year.

Currently, the local government is working with the Land Bank of the Philippines to integrate with their online payment system linkbiz portal to make Gcash, which is not yet available with the said bank portal, as a way of payment by the public to the city.

Considered by the city council is a letter dated May 13, 2022 of mayor Benjamin B. Magalong requesting authority to enter into an agreement with Globe Telecom to avail of Gcash as a payment mode for taxes, fees and charges being paid to the local government by the public.

The council admitted that online payment is fast becoming to be a convenient, safe, reliable and honest way of paying obligations without unnecessary delays or inconveniences among others. -Dexter A. See