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P2.6 million generated from entrance fees in city parks


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13 March 2020 -  The City Treasury Office reported that it was able to generate some P2.6 million from the collection of entrance fees in three major parks that are frequented by residents and visitors in the city to help in improving the local government’s financial standing and maximize the generation of income from potential sources.

City Treasurer Alex Cabarrubias said that since the local government started collecting entrance fees at the Dominican Hill and Nature Park, Botanical Garden and Mines View Park last month, the local government was able to earn some P2.6 million from the said entrance fees from residents and visitors that frequented the park.

Earlier, the local government started collecting fees from the city’s major parks as part of its efforts in generating added revenues and maximizing the potentials of the parks to be able to infuse added resources to the city.

Based on the report of Cabarrubias, entrance fees at the Dominican Hill and Nature Park reached over P1.1 million, fees that were collected at the Botanical Garden amounted to over P739,000 while fees that were collected at the Mines View Park amounted to more than P661,000.

The city treasurer claimed that the collection of entrance fees in the city’s parks will definitely help in attaining the local government’s goal of being able to collect some P300 million in additional income for the city this year considering the continuous influx of visitors to the different tourist destinations.

He expressed optimism that there will be a continuous influx of residents and visitors to the city’s major parks so that the local government will be able to collect a substantial income from park goers wanting to spend a break in the said parks while awaiting the enactment of pending legislations on the institutionalized collection of environmental fees or environmental users charge to those that are interested to visit the different parks around the city.

According to him, the general entrance fees in the said parks is P10 for adults while students, senior citizens and persons with disabilities are charged P5 upon entry in the parks for them to be able to tour around the tourist destinations in the said areas.

He stated that the local government will be aggressive in ensuring that collection of entrance fees in the different tourist destinations in the city will be sustained considering its expected enormous contributions in the revenue generation efforts for the city treasury office to attain its income collection target for this year and the coming years.

The local government department head said that the city treasury office will remain steadfast in making sure that the city will be able to generate sufficient resources from potential income sources to be able to attain its huge income collection target that had been imposed upon the office by the present administration.

The collection of entrance fees in the city’s major parks is a collective effort of personnel of the City Environment and Parks Management Office (CEPMO) and the City Treasury Office as part of the initiative of the local government to maximize the income-generating potentials of public facilities for the city to have some funds to fund the operation, administration and maintenance of the same for the benefit of its sustained upkeep. -  Dexter A. See