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City of Baguio real-time monitoring of Covid-19 Cases.

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Telephone:(074) 442-1900, (074) 442-1905, (074) 661-1455

Cellular: Globe(0927) 628-0498, Smart(0999) 678-4335
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Baguio in my pocket is a collection of applications that aims to promote an e-government ecosystem of hands-free transactions, citizen data management, contact tracing and other essential services for the people of Baguio City.

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Baguio City Health Services Office

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City Engineering Office - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


How do I apply for Excavation Permit?

You are to file an application for water connection at the Baguio Water District then submit to the City Engineering Office the inspection report obtained for the assessment of the excavation and restoration fees.

How much do I need to pay for Excavation Permit?

Payment will be based on the approved Ordinance by the City Council. Excavation and Restoration fees will be charged against the applicant. Fees are as follows:
Excavation Fee:
Earth or Gravel - 1st 2m. P30.00 + P6.00/m. succeeding
Overlay - 1st 2m. P100.00 + P40.00/m. succeeding
Concrete - 1st .2m. P120.00 + P40.00/m. succeeding
Asphalt – 1st. 2m. P40.00 + P10.00/m. succeeding
Restoration Fee:
Asphalt - P486.00/sq.m.
Overlay - P500.00/sq.m.
Concrete - P600.00/sq.m.
Add 50% thereof to cover liquidating damages in case of failure to restore the excavated area as provided for in the resolution.
The restoration fee paid shall be deposited at the City Treasurer's Office as provided for in the Ordinance and may be refunded upon excavated areas are restored in a satisfactory manner.

How can I refund the Restoration Fee?

Upon satisfactory restoring the affected road, this office will issue a Certificate of Completion within 5 days as provided for the Ordinance. The refund shall be payable within 15 days from submission of required supporting documentary evidence. However, deposits that have not been claimed within 60 days after completion of restoration work shall be reverted to the General Fund.

How can I request for new street light installation?

Request through writing addressed to this office.

What will be the process?

1. Within five days upon receipt of request, actual site inspection will be conducted.
2. Upon verification and approval of installation sites, the request will be indorsed to the City Mayor requesting approval of electric consumption to be included to the City Government account.
3. Upon approval by the City Mayor, electric fixtures will immediately be installed depending on availability of materials. Planning, Programming and Construction Division

When is the schedule for measurement of the project?

The employee schedules the date and time based on our time.

When can an estimate be finished?

After two (2) days.

How long do we wait for the projects to be implemented?

Bidding be scheduled and will be awarded to the winning bidders then confirmation be made by the city council then a notice to proceed be issued and that the time the contractor can start the project. (With time table Less than 3 Months - RA 9184)