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All inbound travelers shall register online at and upload documentray requirements as listed in the new advisory. (See advisory)

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For Tourists

For non-residents who wish to come and visit Baguio for leisure purposes, please register to our Visitor Information and Travel Assistance (VISITA)

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Covid-19 Monitoring

City of Baguio real-time monitoring of Covid-19 Cases.

Covid-19 Hotlines

Telephone:(074) 442-1900, (074) 442-1905, (074) 661-1455

Cellular: Globe(0927) 628-0498, Smart(0999) 678-4335
Baguio City Public Information Office

Baguio In My Pocket

Baguio in my pocket is a collection of applications that aims to promote an e-government ecosystem of hands-free transactions, citizen data management, contact tracing and other essential services for the people of Baguio City.

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Baguio City Health Services Office

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City Human Resource Management Office

Responsible for Planning, development and implementation of a comprehensive and balanced City Human Resource development program; provides personnel services to all deparment/offices of the city; assists and advises the City Mayor and other city officials on the formulation and execution of personnel policies, rules and regulations; charged with the implementation of the civil service law, rules and regulations as regrads personnel actions, administration of Salary Standardization Law, performance management system, incentives and awards training development, employee welfare and benefits, grievance machinery and personnel discipline; provides active support, cooperation, and participation in the  program and activities of the Civil Service Commission and Council of Personnel Officers, and liaison with the Civil Service Commission, DILG, DBM and other government agencies as regards personnel matters. 





We envision the most dynamic and responsive local government unit governed by honest and dedicated officials working in an environment exhibiting harmony, equality and fulfillment.



To provide quality personnel and implement a comprehensive and balanced human resource development program.



Provides the department and other divisions of the office fiscal, logistic and other basic administrative services, implements policies, rules and regulations and standard governing basic administrative services; Implement Records Management Manual of the City Governmentof Baguio; Supervise overall management records of the office, Provides the various offices updates on civil service law, rules and regulations and policies; serves as linkage with other offices on personnel matters; prepares annual reports required by the CSC and other agencies provides assistance to ACEX and LGU-BEAI; maintains an employee database; provides Office Secretariat services to the different Personnel Mechanism Committees.


Identifies and Publishes/posts vacant positions; receives applications and other requirements for employment; conducts orientation of applicants; evaluates qualification of applicants vis-a-vis the approved qualification standards; submit list of qualified applicants to the Personnel Evaluation Board; serves as secretariat and assists the PEB during deliberation of vacant   positions; prepares all appointments of selected employees; reviews and verifies all supporting documents of  appointments; prepares observations on complaints relative to ARD; prepares monthly Report on Appointment Issued (RAI) and quarterly report on accession and separation; maintains qualification standards of all positions; maintenance of the City Government of Baguio’s Merit Promotion Plan; Career Pathing and Succession Planning; Certify records to be inputed in the database in relation to personnel Actions made and  in relation to the functions of the division.


Conducts personnel inspection, prepares reports on inspection/observations on the implementation of civil service law, rules and regulations; Monitors implementation of Performance Management System vis-a-vis different programs of the City Government and CSC and other agencies affecting employee benefits, rewards and incentives for good performance; provides information on employees rights and priviledges; provided guidance and counseling; prepares report relative to the implementation of Program on Awards and Incentives for Service  Excellence (PRAISE), Leave   Administration and Performance  Assessment/Ratings of employees; Maintenance of of Welfare; Acts as Secretariat of CS Anniversary Celebration; Maintains a database on leave credits of officials and employees; maintains records and other written proceedings involving complaints,   grievance and administrative cases; Certify Records to be inputed in the database and relation to functions of the division; Prepares observation on complaints relative to PIAD.


Conduct of TNS to determine the training needs of employees, and as basis for the preparation of HR Development programs; Coordinates with CSC on the conduct of HR programs; evaluates the training  programs conducted; maintains a database of employees attendace to HRD programs; proposed/recommends training and career development of employees; imlplement Career Pathing programs, succession Planning, Health and Wellness programs; certify records to be inputed in the database and in relation to the functions of the division. 




Receipt of Application for Employment

Response to queries on employment in the City Government and other Civil Service matters